Værelse i Copenhagen til 5300 kr.

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1 rum
Hurtigst muligt
15 kvm

2200 værelse, 15 kvm, 5300 mdr forudbetalt leje, 5300 i depositum, lejeperiode ubegrænset, A/C forbrug pr mdr 0, overtagelse Next month, møbleret, vaskemaskine, tørretumbler, opvaskemaskine, køleskab

Copenhagen. Zone 1.

Please READ everything, if you want to be considered.

Contact email below. Please use it.

Room. Værelse. København. Zone 1.
Fully furnished room.

Tranquility Base.

One of the calmest homes of Copenhagen seeking one (1) of the calmest tenants.

No-smoking apartment.
Attractive and calm area. Bright. Top floor.
Located at Inner Nørrebro between Sankt Hans Torv and Nørrebros Runddel.

"Room 2" on the floor plan - see photo.

Here you can sleep with open windows without traffic noise in zone 1 of Copenhagen.

The room is furnished including a bed with a superb mattress incl. a top- and rolling mattress.

The room is ca 15 sqm incl. access to: spacious bathroom (ca 15 sqm) and kitchen incl. utensils. (ca 15 sqm)

Rent includes: electricity, gas, heat, water, WiFi, use of equipment, furniture.

1 month deposit = 1 minimum month notice. Both ways.

CPR registration available.

I often work from home and sometimes I'm away for a few days. I value privacy. I am a calm, responsible and respectful person, and I expect the same from you.

We are two people living here. A programmer and myself: film/tv-business/entrepreneur.

I'm looking for a tenant, who has a steady job and/or is a dedicated student.

House rules:
1. You are tidy and know how to clean up after yourself.
2. I only invite people I know and trust into my peaceful home. Therefore this room is for you and only you. Meaning no visitors.

Sorry, if I come about as a bit strict. I simply want to clarify obvious guidelines from the very beginning, which in the long run brings tranquility.

Available now.

Please write me an email and tell me about:
1. yourself
2. your daily and weekly routines
3. can you accept the house rules?
4. and incl. your photo:
ehcnalava at gmail dot com

And, if you have any, please include written references from previous landlords.

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